Living in the Present

I am having a really hard time living in the present, focused on the now.  With all the planning and preparation to be done before our departure, I am constantly trying to imagine what life will be like in 4 months.   Every day that passes puts us closer to the day when we close the doors to our house for the very last time and walk out into the world with just what we have in the truck.

Will this tent be best for us?  What about this one?
Will we be doing more of this, or more of that?

There’s no way we can know.  No matter how many stories we read or people we ask, the bottom line is only we can know what is best for our trip and only experience will bring that knowledge.

Okay, now that I know and accept that, I need to let it go.

I need to look at it in a different light and stop wishing my time away – I am alive today living my life.  I may be getting ready for something else but my body, my mind, they are all right here living this life today.  I owe myself and Tom my presence.  In 4 months my life will be completely different than what I’ve known for years and I need to enjoy what I have now without wishing I was somewhere else.

I promise myself to relish the now.  I will not wish my time away.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, no matter how much I plan – so what sense does it make to waste the moment thinking about something I have no control over?

I am happy to have today and as far as I know, that is all I have.

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