About Us

Once upon a time, in the 4th year of the millennium, there was a homesick girl who desperately wanted to return to the place she knew and loved.  She connected with a friendly rental agent 2,000 miles away who helped her obtain an apartment.  Once they met for the lease signing, Tom mentioned a job opening and introduced Sara to his boss.  After a year of passing each other in staff meetings, Tom moved on to another company and all contact was lost.

Seven years later, their paths crossed once again.

By this time, both were happily single and working on their own lives.  During a slow day at work Tom was browsing a free dating site, when he saw a picture of an ant tattoo on some girl’s neck – Only one girl in the world that could be!  Tom sends the ‘long-time-no-see’ email to say they should get together.  He immediately follows this up with a “Hey-let’s-go-to-Mexico-for-a-week!” email as he was set to leave in 3 weeks to meet up with his childhood friend and wife, but Tom’s travel companion had backed out.   When Tom doesn’t get a reply for almost a day, he figured Sara was either freaked out or not interested, or both.  Truth is, Sara was very interested and only just a little freaked out; see she had been planning on leaving in a few years to travel full-time and a trip to Mexico might just be what she needed to remind herself of what she was working so hard for.  She decided before she gave an answer though it definitely required meeting for a quick drink first.

Tom was psyched. He knew a week in paradise could only be more of a blast with Sara as a travel companion.  So the quick drink turned into an hour or so of instant connection, excitement and energy.  They were both completely on the same page, they clicked like they never did as co-workers, and now they were heading off to paradise together!

Sayulita was a life-changing experience. The overcast days lead them off of the beach and into town where they fully immersed themselves into the local flavor.  It was something indescribable, they way a picture just can’t capture a breathtaking view.  The philosophy of life that Tom and Sara both shared with the understanding that each day is what you make of it and life is to be enjoyed, simply crystallized in Sayulita.  Unbeknownst to them, true love began to blossom and nothing was ever going to be the same again.

Both of them have always had a feeling; the conviction that there is more to life than the typical, more to experience and discover outside of the status quo.  Life truly is what you make of it and now is the time to live.  Sayulita seemed to bring that into clear focus for both of them.

By the end of the trip, this magical trip, Sara had a hard time accepting going back ‘home’.  With all the connections they made in Sayulita it proved to her that her plan of traveling was feasible and she feared that if she went back home she could lose that passion, once back in the “real world”.   Tom had to convince Sara to get on that plane, that she had a plan and it was worth sticking to.  Tom had a plan too, that in about 5 years he too would be leaving RI for a new life more true than the one he was living.  The return flight was a flurry of excited chatter, future plans inspired by the taste of freedom so fresh in their mouths.

Once back in their own homes Sara missed the “positive energy loop” her and Tom shared for the last 7 days, so much so that she decided to invite him along on her next trip – which just happened to be the next week!

5 days later and they sat in another airport with the same energy, as Sara spoke excitedly about her new plan to return to Sayulita in only 1 year, when Tom interrupted her and said, “I want to do this with you”.   Sara barley skipped a beat, her heart filled with happiness as she was having a hard time picturing herself traveling without him, “I want to do this with you!”, she exclaimed…  The only problem was Tom’s life required he stay in RI for another 3-5 years and Sara was trying for 1.  During that flight Tom realized, the time is now!  He knew what he wanted and he decided to make it work, this is his life and he’s not going to spend it looking forward to enjoyment!

Once they returned from Florida, there was no denying that love was in the air – so Sara packed a bag and moved in with Tom that day!  Currently they are selling all their belongings, outfitting the Jeep and getting ready for life on the road for a while.  They’re not quite sure where they’ll end up, but they’re going to enjoy their journey while trying to inspire you to do what you really want with your life!

Life is what you make of it – and it is all up to you

What do you want to do?

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