If you are totally diggin’ what we’re doing and want to contribute somehow we’d be forever grateful!

Click to donate money through PayPal

Send A Book:
One thing we are most excited about is unplugging and catching up on the ever-growing Kindle wishlist.

If you’d like to donate a book, please visit our Amazon wishlist.

If your company wants to help out in someway, we will place your ad and link on the Sponsorship page and also give you a mention in a post.
Some ideas of sponsorship would be car parts/repair, camping gear, phone/internet service, active wear, food and dinning, YOGA!… Contact us if you would like to help!Support:
If it looks like we’ll be headed your way and you’d like to offer a place to set up camp,
or a bed, a meal, or any other act of kindness, drop us a line!

We are trying our best to not have to pay for sleeping so we will be doing a lot of work in exchange for accommodations.
If you have a vacation rental or other property that needs a watchful eye, we would be happy to treat it as our own in exchange for use of the house (or even just a campsite!).
Same goes for any pets you may need to leave while you vacation, we love animals – have I mentioned Tom grew up on a small horse farm?
If you have any handy-man work that needs to be done, Tom just may be your guy!

During this journey we will be volunteering on different projects and maintaining this website. As long as we are able to sustain ourselves we will continue to travel and bring good to the world; therefore help in any form will keep these wheels turning!


Thank you for anything you give, we really appreciate it!  ❤

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