When Life Hands You Lemons

Phew!  I was in pigeon pose when something awful permeated my nostrils.  What is that?!  Was it feet?  Ugh.  Is it my feet?!  I sunk deeper into the pose, resting my forehead on my mat – WHOA!  It wasn’t just my feet that smelt, it was an entire 6′ x 2′ area completely saturated from countless sweat sessions of heated yoga.  Can anyone else smell that??

Time for a new mat – stat!
Noooooooooooo!  Save the mat from the landfill – it’s been so good to you hasn’t it?

For all of you who do not do yoga, this treatment can be used on cutting boards, counter tops,  kid’s plastic tabletops, desks – anywhere that could use a little disinfecting and odor control!

All you need is a lemon

Cut it in half

Rub it on everything!




When I did our mats, it totally killed the odor but the roughness of the mat shredded the lemon so there were little bits all over it.  I thought it would be easier to wipe off when it was dry which was true for my mat but not Tom’s – which I had to scrub with a wet microfiber to get it all off  :/ (My mat is smoother than his, his mat just held onto the bits of lemon with it’s textured surface.)


This is my mat  →






       Another great use for half a lemon (other than squeezing it into some rum and juice!) is to place it in the microwave

 Nuke for 1 minute

Then wipe the inside of the microwave with a microfiber towel to easily remove old food; the lemon will disinfect and leave the kitchen smelling lovely.

  (You don’t need to have a microfiber cloth if you don’t have one but you should pick one up and try it; they eliminate the need for cleaning products which is great for you, your budget, and the environment!)

Wow!  I am in awe of how easy this was – seriously, I wish all clean-up was this simple!

When you’re done with all your lemons

Cut them up small

And run them through the garbage disposal for a freshener!

Easiest “Home-Made” Soap

I always buy natural soaps but we go through the bars so fast and the cheapest ones I can find are about $2/bar so the idea of making my own has always appealed to me – But the whole lye bit turns me off before I even finish reading the directions!
I also get anxious to try the next bar in que so I often end up putting a sliver (or more) in a baggie with the rest.  About every time I add a piece, I wonder what I am ever going to do with this sudsy graveyard.

  I’m happy to say I found an easy way to melt down those abandoned bits and create a whole new bar!

You’ll need a cheese grater, left-over soap,
a double boiler (I used two pots), and some sort of mold (I used ramekins)

Grate all your soaps down.

Add just enough water to cover shavings, let sit until soap is softened.
You don’t want to use too much water, less is better.

Boiler the water in the bottom of your double boiler, stir soap to evenly melt.

Once the soap is melted, carefully pour into molds.  Let harden over night.

Once hardened, run a knife along the edges to release.

You may want to stick with one type/brand of soap or you may want to mix them up.
I used about 5 different soaps, one was very fragrant and another had exfoliating bits in it – I am very happy with the results!
If your soaps come out too soft you probably used too much water.



How to Keep Pests Out of the Garden

We have a sweet kitty kat named Lucy and until she goes to her new home with her old owner, we have to brush her bunches to keep her from covering our house in fuzzy black blanket.  Sometimes it feels like she could be brushed for 5 hours straight and still have fur flying all over the place!  So inevitably we are left with piles of black hair and questions of it’s re-usablity.  Everything can be reused, right?  So why not animal fur?  Certainly it could be glued onto an old coffee can with twigs for legs and a tail and displayed on our coffee table… but that doesn’t seem like too good of an idea.  So what can be done with all that fur?

First, I want to tell you a story from my childhood.  When we moved into the house I grew up in, my father planted an orchard of fruit trees.  The entire time we lived there poor Dad was always trying to outsmart the deer, rabbits, birds, and other animals looking to steal his ripe fruit before we had a chance to pick it.  I lost count of the different ways he’d try to keep those crafty forest creatures away!  But one day, a day I will never forget, my father and city-slicker brother-in-law were in the garage together when my brother-in-law came running into the house excitedly shouting to us, “You’re never going to believe what Barney just taught me!”  Apparently David had stumbled across a coffee can in the garage that Dad told him to watch out for, when questioned about it, Dad told him he would pee in the can and then spread the urine around the orchard to keep the animals away.  We all got a good laugh from that!  I surely do love my father, he’s so clever!

So, you may see where I am going with this, but you can save yourself a lot of time and possible spillage if you scattered your pet’s fur around your garden or trees.  This simple method should deter skunks, rats, deer, rabbits, coons, and possibly cats (if you have cats, you know that their behavior can never be predicted!).  A bonus to the natural world would be the lucky little momma birds who snatch that hair up for their nest – good thing our pets have a seemingly endless supply!


How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

I don’t know about you, but with all the fruits and veggies Tom and I have on our counters we attract our fair share of fruit flies!  I for one, cannot. stand. it!

Before I moved in with Tom I used a box fan on my kitchen table which was the best remedy – apparently those little wings of theirs cannot handle much more than a breeze so they will steer clear of any windy areas.  With both our box fans in use upstairs and trying to maintain “the rules” (in preparation for our departure I made a rule of buying nothing unless it would be used up before we left or it comes with us) I had to come up with another solution – hopefully before these pests completely take over the 1st floor!!

 You’ll need a mason jar with lid, apple cider vinegar and
something sharp to poke holes thru the lid

Fill jar 1/4-1/2 way with vinegar, secure the lid

Poke a few holes in the lid so the fruit flies can get to the yummy vinegar

They’ll go in after the vinegar but won’t be able to find their way out