Tree Planting: Providence, RI 10/12

On a cold and rainy Saturday we gathered with our neighbors to plant another 77 trees in our area.  Our little team of 3 were responsible for getting about 10 in the ground.  Although we didn’t have any in our am group, I heard they planted a bunch of fruit trees for the community to forage from – this makes me super happy!  I love the idea of planting food producing trees and shrubs for people to pick from for free 😀

Neighborhood Clean-Up – Providence, RI 5/12/12

On a cold and dreary spring Saturday Sara and I spent a few hours shlepping around the city picking up soggy trash.  It wasn’t one of the most exciting projects, but it made a big difference in the look of the city and brought the community together.  We were glad we did it, but we were glad when it was over!


Tree Planting – Providence, RI 4/21/12

I just love Earth Day!  It encompasses so many of my favorite things into one; I love to have any excuse to go outside in the springtime, I really love to clean up messes, I love to see the community come together to work on anything, and I super love to help the environment.  I try every year to get out and do some sort of community clean-up on Earth Day, no matter what.  Tom had already signed up for a tree planting event in our neighborhood so I decided to join him for that.  The two of us dug over a dozen holes and planted wonderful trees all along the streets of the Elmwood District in Providence, 4 months later most all the trees have survived the summer and are looking really good!