Here are some companies we like and use.
If you ever have any questions about any of our affiliates’ services or products,
please feel free to ask us.


[message_box title=”Groupon” color=”blue”]We can’t get enough Groupon deals!  Where ever we are, we can get great deals on whatever we’re looking for.
So far, Sara has gotten 2 laser hair removal deals, a $50 Whole Foods gift card for $25, and Tom and Sara have both bought 10 yoga visits for $40!

Dynamic Groupon Getaways banner  [/message_box]

[message_box title=”REI” color=”yellow”]It’s no secret that we spent a couple paychecks at REI gearing up for our trip.  We are REI members so we always had free shipping and hassle-free rturns to the store.  Shop sales and outlet for the best deals around.

88x33 Outlet Logo

[message_box title=”Sun Food” color=”blue”]Get organic raw foods and non-GMO superfoods! Check them out every Wednesday for a new deal.


[message_box title=”Forces of Nature – Organic Pharmacy” color=”yellow”]The best organic medicine you can get, guaranteed! All made in the USA, all 100% organic and all FDA registered. One year money-back guarantee!! Check here before going to the pharmacy, don’t take a chance on Rx side effects – get organic!

Forces of Nature – Featuring the World’s First and Only Line of Medicine that is Certified Organic! [/message_box]

[message_box title=”Home Exchange” color=”blue”]Need to get away? The annual cost of this program is equal to the price of a 1-night stay in a hotel; join today and  exchange your home with another anywhere in the world!


[message_box title=”YogaEarth” color=”yellow”]Plenty of organic super food products here; bars, nuts, berries, vitamins, and more!

organic superfoods

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